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About Jess
Center for the Development of Quality of Life and Society

JESS was founded on 1 August 1995 by the Society of Jesus Thailand. The office is in Xavier Hall, Bangkok, under Father Alfonso de Juan SJ as the director, and Ms. Dhananuch Meankere (Kob) as the Associate Director.

JESS is inspired by the Jesuit Constitution, the tradition of the Society of Jesus, the General Congregation 34, the Naples Congress of the Jesuits in Social Apostolates, Father Peter-Hans Kolvenbach's (the Gerenal of Society of Jesus)  letter to the Jesuits `On the Social Apostolate' 24 January 2000, as well as the previous works of our Jesuits in Thailand.

The politico-social evolution of Thailand and the important events that have taken place, helped JESS to start defining more concretely the points of insertion. Our experiences in working with the refugees from Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and the immediate needs and plights of the young victims of sexual abuses in Thailand, all helped us to start  the first projects with the most useful assistance of Mr. Phanlop Meankeeree (Tan).

JESS is supported by voluntary donors and friends, from inside Thailand and from abroad (Europe, Japan, USA). It is, therefore, like an NGO in its kind of work.

Works and Projects
JESS initiates, supports, encourages, or collaborates with people, organizations, institutions, of all religions, in areas which contribute to the betterment of society and the quality of life. We initially started with an emphasis in the prevention of children (mostly girls) being taken to the exploitation and commercialization of the sex Industry, and continue to do so by way mostly of scholarships.We also develop good relations with other Asian peoples, like Japan, Cambodia, Myanmar, etc. Most of the projects and programs are small and medium range. JESS continue to develop contacts, keeping our eyes and hearts open, being particularly sensitive to the needs and sufferings, joys and hopes, of the poor ones.

Our Vision
The Vision

  • preferential love for the poor
  • working in service and solidarity with many other men and women, with a faith that does justice and promotes human rights and dignity, in dialogue and participative management.

The Characteristic
  • We are people-centered. The projects and issues are flexible and adaptable to the real circumstances, Our feet are on the ground.

The Roles and Function
  • We collaborate and support in solidarity with others who are engaged in the promotion of justice
  • We initiate projects according to our visions and characters, with the participation of collaborators in diverse roles as catalyser, animator, co--ordination.
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